My relationship capital.

“Due to Dina’s undeniable executive talent, I handpicked and hired her at a very young age on my team at Island Def Jam. For over 6 years, I trusted her to manage the Atlanta office, as well as my brand, while helping her develop an ear and taste for great music. Dina went on to do amazing things in her career as a music executive and entrepreneur and I am proud to have been a small part of that. She is driven, hard-working and just like a good executive – she does not take no for an answer. Dina is a go-getter that I would call on anytime when I need to get a job done. I value our longstanding relationship and look forward to her undoubtedly bright future!”
Antonio “L.A.” Reid, Co-Founder of Hitco Entertainment

Tip “T.I.” Harris
Artist & Actor

“Dina is an incredible visionary with a creative mindset that also understands business aesthetics and the art of execution. I should know, she learned it from me as an intern at Grand Hustle back in 2001.”

Peter Morris Former CEO of PodcastOne

“Since the inception of our partnership, Dina has played a pivotal role in being a liaison between PodcastOne and Tip’s team. She has worked closely with our producers and marketing staff on every detail and strategy to help successfully launch a #1 Podcast with expediTIously. Dina is a pleasure to work with and left a lasting impression on our team from the very first meeting. She is also a natural on the mic with occasional appearances on the show.”

Killer Mike
Rapper & Activist

“I appreciate Dina’s duality mastery – she traps during the day and hangs with corporations at night. I love her hustle. Dina is the GOAT!”

Brian Sher
Crossover Entertainment & Film/TV Manager for Tip “T.I.” Harris

““Dina is one of the most extraordinary people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the entertainment business. She is brilliant, fierce, diligent, trustworthy, and loyal, and has made an incredibly valuable addition to T.I.’s team. In short Dina is a BOSS!”

Sheoyki Alexis Jones
Head of Creative Industries at Invest Atlanta

“Dina is a dependable board member for Invest Atlanta’s Creative Industries Loan Fund. She has gone beyond her duties and provided expertise and guidance on how we as a City can be more supportive to the creative community. She has extensive entertainment and business experience that has been valuable to us as we continue to build the creative industries ecosystem in Atlanta!”

Tricky Stewart
Grammy Award-Winning Music Producer

“Dina Marto is a consummate professional and a pillar of Atlanta’s music scene. I have made it a point to include Dina on most major decisions personally and professionally, that has proven to be a winning formula for me over the years. Dina’s ability to identify the diamonds in the rough make her invaluable not only to me, but to the entire music ecosystem.”

Dr. Kendra A. Momon
Professor & Chair of Division of Politics, History & International Studies at Oglethorpe University

“Dina Marto is an innovative taste maker and thought leader. She has an uncanny ability to connect and build intersectionality and connectivity with a variety of complimentary, as well as, unique subsets and people groups. I remember the first experience I had with Dina. A recent graduate of Oglethorpe University, her reputation preceded her as she put on an annual concert with some of Atlanta’s most well-known Hip-Hop Artists. It was at one of these events where I first saw her at work. I can’t recommend Dina enough as a speaker, thought leader, and advocate for women.”

Hadley Poole
Women In Music Atlanta Chapter Chair

“Dina is the definition of a triple threat. She is not only an incredible leader but she is a mastermind in business as a whole and has the most genuine and inspiring relationships in the business. She is both a friend that I look up to and also a fierce woman in business that I’m proud to have part of our team. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dina since day 1 of launching our Atlanta Chapter of Women in Music. She is a founding board member and has been a powerful force in helping us not only shape and continue to shape our community and our Chapter.”

Narcis Alikhani
Director of Marketing at Atlanta Hawks

“Dina has always been an inspiring force in my life. From best friend to former business partner, no matter what role she plays in life she gives it her all and more. Dina has always been a trailblazer and has built a successful career by taking the road many are reluctant to take. Her tenacity, courage and curiosity combined with her commitment to be a better version of herself everyday can’t help but inspire you to do more. All the while she helps lift and grow those around her. Dina is the one you want on your team.”

Adrianne Brown
Twelve Studios General Manager

“Dina Marto has been my mentor since she welcomed me into the music industry in 2017 as the General Manager at Twelve Studios. Dina has demonstrated to me and countless women, how to become a well-respected woman in male-dominated industries. Whether she’s in the studio, board meeting or flying on a private jet, Dina makes time to share her keys to success to the many people she inspires.”

Kyion Williams
Business Manager

“Dina Marto, is synonymous with humility and loyalty. As Dina’s business manager, I have had the opportunity to guide and watch her grow as an entrepreneur, but most importantly, as a leader. Through the years, I have witnessed Dina sacrifice to build her brand, her team and her clients. She is notorious for putting the well-being of her staff and clients before her own. Dina is a true rarity, and it is a pleasure to be a part of her journey to building her empire.”

Courtney Rhodes
Co-Founder of C & D The Agency

“I wanted to partner with Dina not only because we share the same ideals of empowering women, but also because she has been a longtime trustworthy friend. We are both powerful women in our own lanes and are even more powerful and successful joining forces. Our energies just match and we are aligned in our greater purpose.”