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Twelve Studios is a 4,053 statement.

Twelve Studios is a 4,053 square foot recording facility and office space located in Midtown Atlanta. Twelve houses 4 studio rooms including 3 pre-production rooms and a main mixing room.

Kwanza Hall
Former Atlanta City Councilman

“Twelve Studios offers a home to some of Atlanta’s most dynamic producers, songwriters, musicians and artists. Dina Marto and her team continue to lead the music industry by providing a healthy environment for emerging creatives to collaborate with some of the most established hitmakers in the world. The Twelve Studios formula is a local to global offering that provides a true value proposition helping to sustain Atlanta’s leadership in entertainment.”

Polow Da Don
Zone 4, Inc

“I remember seeing the space before Twelve was ever built- when it was just a blueprint. Now I have witnessed Dina’s vision not only come to life, but revitalize Atlanta when everyone turned their back on the city. Twelve has been an important part of my career and many others.”

Ghazi Shami
Founder of EMPIRE Distribution

“The Twelve is a great networking hub. Lots of positive energy and creative juices flowing in the building. It only makes sense to have an extension of EMPIRE there.”

Theron Thomas
Rock City

“Wrote some of our biggest hits at Twelve- you could say we went from B level to A level there”

Kawan "KP" Prather
Head of Music at i am OTHER

“If you know Dina Marto, you know that she is both productive and entertaining, so it makes sense that her company would have those same qualities. Dina and the staff at Twelve Music have cultivated an environment that caters to creatives and their process. The proof of that is in the fact that some of the most talented artists and producers have created some of your favorite, as well as commercially successful, music at Twelve Studios.”

Mike “ Barz” Brown
Former Twelve Intern

“Twelve Studios has been a blessing to me. The studio is giving me my first real experience as to what goes on behind the scenes in the music business and how a professional studio is run. I have met some dope people who love making music and all that comes with it. So far, I am finding a new understanding and motivation of what it will take to succeed.”

Aaron Reid
Former A&R at Epic Records

“I love this place. It’s a creative hub, a playground for musicians.”

Ray Daniels
SVP of A&R at Warner Music

“A great creative hub for creatives. It’s where my company went from 20 to 100. But the best part about the Twelve is Dina Marto-who’s eye for talent and putting collaborators together is what really makes that place magical.”

Kayla Parker
Former Recording Connection Student

“Twelve Music has been a wonderful experience. Learning every field of the music business from great, inspiring people all day long. I couldn’t ask to be in a better setting as a student working with Twelve Studios. There is so much to learn and they’re always willing to go above and beyond to teach you, in order to produce the industry’s next top professionals. There is something special about Twelve and I’m looking forward to what’s to come- I just know it will be lit.”

Chubbie Baby
Music Executive

“Dina is my sister and Twelve is where I like to handle my business- the best vibe in Atlanta.”

808 Mafia Producer

“I found inspiration in Twelve Studios and found guidance in Dina Marto. Two things I was looking for.”

Kodie Shane
Epic Records Artist

“When I call, they answer.”

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